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Tips for taking great pooch pics

For most of us it is not easy to get our dogs to sit still for a photo or even look at the camera! Asking them to say cheese just doesn't seem to work. The best trick I have found is using the yummiest treats. I put peanut butter in their treat ball. When I want them to look at the camera I hold it close enough for them to smell but just out of camera view. It holds their attention long enough to get the picture, then I give them a lick. TIP: This is a great time to snap a few with their tongue out.

I take about 20 photos before I get a keeper. Click away. Some of the best pics are candid shots when my pup is looking away. The side view always crack me up becuase the dogs look like they are in deep thought. I always wonder what they are thinking of. Probably peanut butter 😊

Treats for motivation. A calm environment. Good lighting. Crouch down and get different angles. Take a lot of photos and delete the bad ones (more is better).

Be patient and have fun!

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