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420 Marijuana Weed Themed Pet Toys
MJ the Marijuana Leaf 420 Dog Toy
MJ the Marijuana Leaf Dog Toy is finally here!

B the Blunt

B the Blunt 420 Weed Theme Dog Toy
420 weed theme dog and cat toys

420 Weed Theme Dog & Cat Toys

New Arrivals

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NEW! 420 Cat Toys
Bo da Bong 420 Dog Toy
Ya gotta get one mon!

Weed, pot, bud, herb, grass, 420, marijuana, mary jane, ganja??


What?? Yeah - What is it called?? Marijuana is now legal in many states for recreational use. I call it weed. My friend calls it pot. My mom calls it grass. Correct name is Cannabis you say?? Well, that is too long and hard to spell. So, pot? Weed? Bud? All correct.

Yup, love weed, grass, 420, cannabis, mary jane, marijuana, pot, ganja or whatever you choose to call it. We do not condone giving your pet actual marijuana, but simulated nugs, joints and bongs are perfect for PAW:20. Yes, PAW:20. Like 4:20, but for dogs.

Ok, so they do not actually partake in 4:20 but that doesn't mean they cannot take part in the fun. We love our PAW:20 items and hope you do as well! Check out our line of 420 dog and cat toys. It’s 4:20 at PAW:20!