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Bark Box?

It's the second week of April. I wake up and check my email as usual. There is an email from Cosmo about Bark Box and their 420 toys! Grrrr.... Ok, what do they have this time?? I scroll the page becoming a little more upset with each look. The "Bark" lighter - I drew a sketch long ago for a similar design. It was going to be part of our next set. So what now? Do I not make it because I will look like I ripped it off? Some of the wording in the descriptions makes me want to hurl... I just put out our new Bud the Weed Nug toy and all advertising says "Best Buds". Then I see a toy referencing the same phrase. Did the people at Bark Box climb in my head and steal my ideas? Could happen...

But really, I despise their toys. They remind me of myself at 13 when I first smoked pot. Eyes red and droopy, feeling stupid. No idea how to roll a joint... That's how the toy designs look to me, like kids who just tried pot for the first time. To me they are NOT cute toys. But maybe that's the point?

I very specifically designed our toys to be cute, happy stoners. I know a lot of people like this! Very productive adults who smoke for either medical or recreational reasons. They are not droopy red eyed idiots. They are normal people, who looking at them, you would not even know that they smoked. They are simply happy for some pain relief, maybe a little high, maybe a little bit of the muchies :) I wonder what the attraction is for those paying astronomical amounts for Bark Box toys on Ebay?? I assume a trend that will die off.

I am going to keep on going, making cute 420 weed theme dog toys.

Thank you to all of our PAW:20 customers!

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