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In the age of covid-19 it seems like everyone went out and got a dog for a companion. Around the same time marijuana has became legal in a lot of states. Two things the help keep you calm during these crazy times. Coincidence? I think not.

Our company took their love of dogs and marijuana and combined them into dog toys. Are we the first company to put weed and dog toys together? No, but we are the first company to make dog toys that are 420 themed and aren't the typical druggie eyes and stereotypes. The characters look like they're having fun and not burnt out.

It's obvious us owners of PAW:20 are marijuana lovers or at least did their research about the community. Our website has lots of things to laugh at and tons of stuff to have fun with your dogs. My favorite part of the company is we have everything needed to have awesome photoshoots with my dogs. I love posting them online for everyone to laugh at and admire. And when you're told to stay inside and not going anywhere, you run out of things to do.

Not only do we have stuff for my dog fun to play with, we also have tons of stuff for me to have fun with my dogs and pass the time. You can also send us pictures of what you've done with our products and we will post them on our social media. Check it out.

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