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Yes, PAW:20. Like 4:20 but for dogs.

I eagerly voted in the 2020 election for the legalization of marijuana here in Arizona. A few months later I had 2 new puppies and a small addiction to buying them toys. As I searched online I found there are really no cute 4:20 dog items. My wheels started turning, my hand began sketching and within days I had a whole business plan mapped out!

The biggest part was coming up with the name. I came up with a bunch. Then thought, "if I was a dog what would I say?".... It's PAW:20! You know, like humans say, "it's 4:20!" but the dog version.

Ok, so they do not actually partake in 4:20 but that doesn't mean they cannot take part in the fun.

We love our PAW:20 items and hope you do as well!

If you are a 4:20 loving dog owner we've built our site for you.

It's PAW:20!

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